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Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Wednesday, Sept. 13th -- Even Flo' couldn't hold us back!

The alarm beeped at 2:50am, and a simple phone call to Air Canada confirmed the trip was on, hurricane or no! So we filled our insulated mugs with coffee, grabbed some yogurt for the airport, piled sleepy kids in the van, and off we went. Not much sleeping happened in the van - the excitement kept us all awake.

After a quick bagel and a diaper change in front of the fountain at the Halifax airport (hope nobody's sensibilities were offended by the briefly naked boys' bums!) we made our way through security. All went well, although Jacob did manage to escape back through security after we had already been cleared, necessitating a second trip through the scanner by himself and dad.

We boarded the plane with help from a couple of exceptional flight attendants, and were acutley aware of the other passengers' secret hopes that they wouldn't have to sit next to the lunatic mom who took three kids on a plane, all by herself. The boys had shown their talent for high pitched screaming at the airport, so I have to admit I was nervous.

But my anxiety was misplaced. All three were delightfully well behaved and charming throughout the trip. During the extremely turbulent landing, in the midst of Tropical Storm Florence, while the other passengers gripped their armwrests with white knuckles, the boys whooped and laughed at the thrill of the dipping and bumping plane.

Grandma and Granda fetched us at the airport and after a quick stop for groceries ("I would prefer to do my own shopping," said Maggie as she retrieved a tangerine and a tub of candied cherries) we saw Goose Island through the fog and coudl finally relax. We made it!
As for Hurricane Florence, well, she turned out to be a bit of a disappointment, really. Not altogether surprising - according to Cyril, in reference to another Florence in the harbour, "She was always a bit tangly."


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