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Thursday, September 14, 2006

Thursday, Sept. 14th - Like a prayer

Our first full day in Calvert, and in general everyone made it through fine. Good sleep last night, Grandma's famous tomato soup, a visit from cousin Shelley and baby Stephen (who suffered mild abuse from Josh, but took it all in stride), and plenty of time outdoors. The boys sat under the Sally tree and laughed uncontrollably at the blowing branches, and Maggie had visits from Emily and Natalie, both of whom she ordered around and who followed her dictatorial directions without complaint.

Bedtime came and Maggie and Mom had a talk about the importance of being polite, and of letting others be the boss sometimes. Maggie agreed and promised she would never be bossy anymore. Gee, problem solved! I should write a parenting manual.

When she got tucked into her tent, Maggie prayed for...
  • Grandma
  • Granda Tom
  • Nan, cause she has a scratch on her arm, but soon it will get better and then it won't hurt anymore
  • Emily and Natalie, and thank you to God for the fun time outside with them
  • my brothers
  • my dad, we should pray for my dad because he misses us, but he'll be okay, because he has Oscar and Lily
  • Jeremy and Rufus, because they died, but that was a long time ago, but it was still sad
Yesterday the Evening Telegram had an article that quoted research saying that having kids was "a one-way ticket to depression". I don't think it's that bad after all.


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