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Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Tuesday, June 26th, 2007 - Mine! Mine! Mine!

Today was a large day. We got up early, packed up the van, and headed to St. John's. First stop was the Dominion in Mount Pearl where the kids had their pictures taken. A surprising success! We actually got all three in the same photo. That's one for the record books. Then renting movies - Dad put his foot down and banned Barbie rentals. (Maggie will thank us for that when she's older.) And then off to Bowring Park for a picnic and fun at the playground.

The picnic was nice, but the boys' biggest thrill was running with the seagulls. Safer than running with the bulls, but I bet they'd love that, too.

And everyone loved the playground. No exaggeration, we pushed the boys non-stop for more than half an hour on the swings and their giggles and smiles never faded. They are wondrous little creatures who we are privileged to love.

The day wasn't over then - it went on to include Chapters (to get a birthday gift for Rosa), the Dollar Store (to get tattoos), Tim Hortons (for coffee and fruit-filled timbits), the library (for books - duh!), Grandma and Granda's house on Waterford Bridge Road (to eat supper and run around naked - Jacob and Josh only!) and the Aquarena (to splash...and splash...and splash!). We came home tired and happy, just how we like it.


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