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Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Saturday, June 30th, 2007 - Will the circle be unbroken?

It's been a few days now without any blogging. We are settling in here, I guess, so the days seem to become more ordinary, I forget to take out the camera (just like at home) and I start to imagine that reading about the minutiae of our daily life here on The Point has got to be boring people.

And then, just when there has been this lull in my blogging, I hear from several people how much they have been enjoying reading about our vacation in Calvert. Not just grandparents and close friends, either, but old high school friends, L'Arche assistants, people who I am sure have many other (better) things to do. Yet somehow they are amused/touched/entertained by my simple tales. I'm not sure why, but this fills me with a deep sense of gratitude for my family, and for the mysterious connections between people that we often are not aware exist. Scoff at Facebook if you will, but it has been a source of only good things for me.

So thanks to all of you who follow our adventures! And now, back to the blogging...

Today was a gorgeous sunny day, and we could be outdoors throwing the ball around, watching the laundry dry, and (unfortunately) eating dirt.

In the afternoon we headed off to Admiral's Cove for a welcome party for a family from Sri Lanka who have just moved to Cape Broyle...talk about culture shock! The family have two kids aged 9 and 5, so the party was particularly geared to other kids, in hopes that these two sweet little newcomers could meet some friends to ease their transition into this strange and wonderful part of the world. The party was held in an old church, transformed into a beautiful home of paintings and hooked rugs and stained glass. The kids painted, ate fruit, and danced. The visitors "from away" (and I don't mean Silas!) brought spicy food to be eaten without utensils, and sang traditional Sinhalese songs perched high on the stone steps above the church. Although Maggie was a little nervous, and Josh made a lasting impression, it was a treat of an afternoon that doesn't come along every day.


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