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Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Sunday, Sept. 17th - Can I go play with that guy?

Sunday is a much anticipted day when we are in Calvert on vacation. For Maggie it's Sunday dinner (red salty beef, blueberry duff) and for Mom it's the snack bar (wings and chips, gravy on the side). Today fulfilled all our hopes and dreams! Mass was in Ferryland at 9:30am, so of course Nan didn't go. ("Why do they have Mass down there, for the love and honour of God's sake?") Granda Tom came to worship with Mom and Maggie and Josh, although he refused to sit with us, as he didn't think he could handle the stress. Josh loved the echo in Ferryland church, which may not have been noticable on the Reserve, but around here we really stood out in the crowd!

Between the Sunday dinner (which was exceptional, even Grandma couldn't find much to criticize) and the snack bar, Kristine and Kate and Adam came to visit. After playing in the yard for a while, we all came inside to warm up. Maggie, however, asked if "me and that guy could stay outside and play". Of course!

The only downside of an otherwise perfect day was that Newfoundland's hopeful, Craig Sharpe, lost his Canadian Idol bid to Eva Avila of Quebec. Although none of us had followed the show this year, we still huddled around the TV like good and faithful Newfoundlanders. Although on the outside we were viciously mocking both the show and our Craig, insde I know we all wanted him to win. Oh well...


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