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Sunday, August 12, 2007

Saturday, August 11th, 2007 - All together now

The camera came out again today as we all headed off to town for a big family brunch. Uncle Rob was expected home around 9am, although thanks to Marine Atlantic it was closer to noon before he arrived. In any event, the ten of us headed down to the Sundance for brunch out on the deck. It was a lovely sunny day and it was just nice to be together. John Delahunty was dining there, too, and stopped by the table to say a quick hello. I dare say he wasn't expecting to see Annie O'Toole on George Street!

Since Uncle John arrived a few days ago, he has had some time to connect with his niece and nephews and treat them to outings, ice cream, and Kitkat bars. Jacob has taken quite a shine to his big, hairy uncle and likes to announce "Uncle John!" with great gusto whenever he senses a lull in the conversation. Of course, Uncle Rob's arrival has threatened Uncle John's newfound place as the favoured one. So there was a little friendly competition at the brunch table. Uncle Rob pulled out all the stops in his hopes to emerge the victor.

When we arrived and were ordering, a few people went for the "Hungry Man's Brunch", which promised quite a load of grub. Granda Tom was adamant that nobody was leaving till everything had been eaten. (Or "ett", to be precise.) Grandma, despite protestations that she was "stogged", was up to the challenge.

The day wasn't over when we left the restaurant, though. First, on the walk back to the van, we caught sight of some unattended food in a window!

Granda Tom and Nan headed up the shore, the uncles stayed at Waterford Bridge Road to nap, and the energetic among us went for a little shoe shopping...

...and then to Farm and Field Day at the Department of Agriculture site in St. John's. That was a lovely way to end the day.


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