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Monday, July 30, 2007

Sunday, July 29th, 2007 - Hippy-dippy-doo

After Mass this morning we did a little exploring around Aquaforte and Ferryland, taking in the fabulous sunshine, the beautiful old homes, the sparkling harbours, and the duck family crossing the road in front of our van. (Who knew David could speak quack?)

Then we came home to a sumptuous turkey dinner, complete with blueberry duff and sauce. After dinner, we rolled ourselves out to the the van and, after a number of false starts ("I need to pee"; "I should get a cup of coffee"; "We forgot our sweaters"; "I need to pee again") we drove out the driveway for Cape Race.

We entertained ourselves with musical games on the way. then stopped at the Interpretive Centre in Portugal Cove South to read the information panels (David and Silas), use the bathroom (Ed and Maggie), enjoy the echo (Josh), run around like a madman (Jacob), and chase kids (me). A good time was had by all!

Then we continued out the gravel road to the lighthouse at Cape Race. Despite the totally underwhelming tour guides (who almost spoke to us a a couple of times) we still had fun exploring, and walking up the 200+steps to the top of the light.

Not everyone made it to the top!

David made it higher than anyone else, going right up into the light. What an overachiever!

On the drive back, Ed got a little peckish and decided to try out some wasabi peas that Silas and David were snacking on. "Tasty and sour", he declared.

And of course, no Sunday evening is complete without a feed from the snack bar. The visitors have now been initiated into a proud Power tradition!

And Ed finished the day happy, curled up on the couch between two "alpha males"!


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