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Thursday, July 24, 2008

Sunday, July 20th, 2008 - Calvert Daze

This weekend was Calvert Days, a few days of the year set aside to visit with friends and relatives, raise money for Calvert Hall, and generally confirm that Calvert is the best community on the Shore, bar none. We ate fishcakes and bakeapple jam at the Hall, saw all kinds of people, ("My God, Jennifer, the boys are after gettin' some big! How old are they now?") and then enjoyed two hours of singing at the Calvert Daze Variety Concert on Sunday night. Maggie loved that evening: "Mom, I wish this show would never end!"

I couldn't get Nan out of my mind all weekend...last year getting her to go to the Calvert Days brunch was a tough sell, but not as tough as getting her out of the Hall when it was over! And she would have loved the singing...

This afternoon we managed to interrupt Uncle Rob's post-Sunday Dinner nap to take a trip down to Stone Island. Again, the boys outdid themselves, walking the whole trail holding hands with Mom and Dad. Well, once in a while they got spoiled...

When we made to the end, confronted by the enormity and the beauty of the vast Atlantic Ocean, the boys true delight was reserved for a two foot wide rain pool in the rocks.

It was interesting to sit there, at the spot in the harbour where the first settlers arrived to carve out a home on this cold and unforgiving rock, a watch Uncle Rob mesmerized by something totally modern.


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