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Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Wednesday, Sept. 20th - Lighthouse Picnics

Today was a full day. It started off rainy and queer - we thought we'd be housebound, nothing but g*d d*mn Dora and Treehouse to keep us company. Grandma and Maggie spent the morning working on Maggie's new dress, a pink gimp (jumper). Maggie cut up the scraps of material into adornments for her cow.

Then by lunchtime it had cleared and was warm and sunny, so Maggie and I put the boys to bed and headed off to the Ferryland lighthouse for picnic. What a treat! It was a quite day there, almost no customers, so we had Sonya and Jill's undivided attention, and an extra large helping of delicious food (fresh pasta with shaved parmesan, pine nuts, and sugar snap peas, thick sliced oatmeal bread with butter, strong coffee, fresh lemonade, and cream cheese muffins with butter icing). Of course, they woudln't let us pay for our meal. It's a wonder how those two stay in business! Maggie and I took some pictures on the way out, but of course the camera went kaput when we arrived at the lighthouse!

After a supper of fried sculps and tongues, we horsed around the living room and had a ball. Maggie declared Granda "too scratchy to hug" but she had a blast jumping off the coffee table squarely onto his midsection. Then Grandma and the kids and I went to visit Uncle Tom (of the 17 children) who spent the weekend in hospital after a mild stroke. He looked great, although I wouldn't be surprised if the sheer noise and rambunctiousness of our boys during the visit brought on another cranial incident for the poor man!


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