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Saturday, September 23, 2006

Saturday, Sept. 23rd - Just a little off the top

The day dawned sunny and cold, and we hit the ground crying! Maggie had a hard time this morning, always on the verge of tears. For the boys, as per usual, mealtimes were the rough spot. Sometimes, of course, they enjoy their meals...

...but usually, not so much.

Nan was reaching her limit, and informed them at lunchtime "now b'yes, ye're soon gonna have to learn to do what you're told!" Ah, Nan, we can only hope.

The boys and I visited Shelley and Stephen after breakfast (sans camera - D'oh!) and they all got along so well. Josh was fascinated by baby Stephen and hugged and kissed him quite gently. When we got home I took Maggie up The Hill to First Impressions to get a trim. She did very well, although she was disappointed that she couldn't get her hair coloured. ("But I really LOVE red hair, Mom!")

Over lunch we chatted about how people start off as babies, then big girls and boys, then teenagers, grown-ups and finally old men and women. Maggie readily named off plenty of old women. "Well, Nan, Turnbull, Mary Bomber, Janet..." "Do you know any old men?" I asked. "Of course - Grandpa!" Teehee!

At the end of the day we went to Baltimore to the playground and had a ball. The boys chased each other around the basketball court for ages, and roared laughing all the while. Then I put Jacob on the slide and he was just delighted. I wore out my arms lifting him to the top over and over and over...and over! Josh was terrified to go on the slide himself, as I expected, but loved to watch his brother come down. Maggie bravely climbed on the monkey bars, went down the slide, played with her brothers, and even peed in the woods (with coaxing). So everyone was happy. [Sigh]. Thank God.


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