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Sunday, September 24, 2006

Sunday, Sept. 21st - The Peacemaker

Ahhh, Sunday. The usual highlights of the day (turkey, beef, gravy, blueberry duff, wings and chips) and my clothes are showing the effects. I am approaching the point where sitting down requires an unbuttoning of the jeans.

The kids were busy today. We all went to Mass, thanks to Natalie who came to help manage the boys. Of course, today would be the day where they bordered on unmanageable! Granda left church after communion - he couldn't handle the stress. Marjie and Doris joined us for dinner, and the boys put on a great show, singing song after song. They did the same at the end of the day for Jean, Katie, Natalie, Shelley, Pat, and Stephen. It's so sweet when they are happy!

Sometimes even when they are happy, others are not...today we were out in the kitchen and Grandma heard a suspicious noise coming from the living room (where the boys were - we thought - safely ensconced). She rushed to investigate and found Jacob standing up on the piano keys, having thrown a glass teapot and its contents (potting soil and a hardy Impatiens) to the floor, where it crashed into a jillion pieces. He was not upset - until time out!

Maggie was concerned with everyone else's happiness, in particlar Grandma and Granda's. Granda arrived in the kitchen at breakfast inquiring after his favourite weekly publication, The Independent. Dalton's was apparently all sold out, he lamented. "Too bad," agreed Grandma. "It was there last night when I was there!" Things unfolded in a predictable way, with the two of them affectionately and spiritedly discussing how they had ended up on Sunday morning without the beloved paper, and who might be responsible for said lack of quality reading material. The discussion was suddenly interupted by Maggie's firm command, "Stop arguing!" A good chuckle was had by all.

A few other cute moments from today...


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