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Sunday, July 27, 2008

Saturday, July 26th, 2008 - Cheaters never win

Maggie was so excited today - we celebrated her 6th birthday. She knew it was going to be a party to remember - yesterday when we were on the boat, having such a great adventure, she exclaimed with delight, "This is so much fun!" Then a pause, "But I know not as much fun as my birthday party will be!"

So I think the do lived up to her expectations. We had 13 kids and just as many grown ups. The kids played lots of games - Pass the Parcel, Kim's Game, Pin the Tongue on the Codfish (a Newfoundland twist on the traditional pony favourite).

It was a hoot to watch the real competitive kids try their best to ensure victory - passing the parcel veeerrrry slowly in hopes the music would stop; lifting their head waaaaay up to peek under the blindfold in an attempt to get the tongue squarely inthe fish's waiting mouth. The food was delicious - thanks Uncle Rob for the BBQing.

When it was all over and all the water balloons had been thrown, Clare stayed around to play with Maggie. They painted ceramic pigs with a kit Maggie had gotten for her birthday. They named them "Pig Will", "Pig Won't", and "Pig Sort Of". Too cute.


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