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Saturday, August 02, 2008

Friday, August 1st, 2008 - Balls of Dough

We were packed and ready for a boat trip around Conception Bay today but the Newfoundland weather got in the way. But seeing as how we had a change of clothes in our bag anyway, we decided to travel the Southern Shore Highway (again!) and take in a movie. Mama Mia was the choice, and although it was no Hairspray (or Across the Universe) it was a nice way to pass a couple of hours.

Then we met the other vacationers at The Rooms. Bomber was heavy into negotiations looking for the perfect person to push her chair. She was (not surprisingly) not too fussy about Silas as the driver, preferring Jenn instead. But I felt I had to attend to Josh, who is apparently not too into museums.

Anyway, eventually she settled on Natalie as a good compromise.

Afterwards we thought about going out for supper but were so stuffed from movie snacks we couldn't bear the thoughts for eating again. So we got some drive-thru for the minors and came home for a relaxing evening watching the boob tube.


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