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Thursday, August 07, 2008

Wednesday, August 6th, 2008 - Crazy hat lady

Several days have passed now, and we are getting mouldy. The rain, drizzle, fog and COLD have been a burden, but we have found ways to amuse ourselves and pass the time, still squeezing the most out of our dwindling vacation days. We have eaten quite a bit - from Sunday Dinner to Jigger feeds to fresh fish and new potatoes. We happily shared our fish with our Mount Pearl friends. They had a great visit in Calvert, despite the rain.

The Jigger feed on Sunday night was funny. All week, Bomber has been traumatized by specks of mushy carrots or soft bread or rice pudding not blended enough to slide smoothly into her tummy. Yet when the fries and gravy arrived around 8pm on Sunday, well, just try to match her, fry for fry!

On Tuesday we just couldn't stand to be stuck int he house anymore and we went into town for a swimming adventure. The crowds were out of control, but we still had fun. The heated kids' pool was perfect for Bomber, although she was not to fussy about the splashing toddlers who had little or no respect for her reluctance to get her face wet!

Then Wednesday Bomber and I had a real girls' day out. First we went shopping at the Avalon Mall. We bought clothes, which was nice, but the hats were way the most fun.

After we had spent most of our money we went across town to the Spa at the Monastery, one of the poshest spas in St. John's, me for a pedicure and Bomber for a manicure. There was some drama, of course, but we had a great time, side by side the spa. Bomber steadfastly refused nail polish, but was happy with the trim, the cream, the parrafin treatment...

And of course when we got home she changed her mind and wanted her nails done! Grrrr...if I didn't love her so much I would totally lose my patience!


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