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Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Tuesday, August 3rd, 2010 - Your turn...thank you...all done!

Where to start in reporting today's adventures?  I continue to be amazed at how much we seem able to squeeze into each 24 hour period.  Thank God for vacation.

Today, a vanload of us headed back out to town, anticipating a rainy day and not much to do in Calvert.  As it happened, the rain never fell, which was a blessing on David's solo walk around the downtown, checking out galleries and bookstores and black bean burritos.  The rest of us didn't need good weather for our plans - lunch at MacDonald's, swimming at the Aquarena, and picking up a tower of books at the library.    The nicest part of the trip, though, was our visit with Sr. Patrice at Presentation Convent.  She was so delighted to see us - and the feeling was mutual.

We made it home in time for a quick bite to eat before the cemetery mass in Ferryland.  Jonathan chose to sit out on mass, instead staying home to get extra titivated before his date at the Ferryland dinner theatre with Kate. 

After mass, Granda Tom took out the ATV and a few of us got rides.  Gary was an ideal passenger, thrilled with the ride and very safety conscious.  Josh, on the other hand, nearly gave his poor Granda a heart attack.  He won't be riding again.
David didn't get a ride on the ATV.  Perhaps that is why he had a block.
 With such a spectacular evening, we couldn't bear to just go home and watch Jeopardy.  Instead, we chopped up a bed and went over the beach for a bonfire.  Some of us sat around the fire, drank beer, sang songs, told stories, made fun of Germans.
Others stayed at the water's edge, throwing rocks and loving the view.
And one of us collected shells and made a sea urchin castle.
Just a perfect end to the day. 


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