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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Wednesday, July 28, 2010 - You may know them as sea urchins, Ma'am...

As I approach each new vacation arrival in this province, I feel the weight of the blogging expectation heavy on my shoulders.  It seems to me that there are so many people, around the world, sitting expectantly at their computer terminals, checking and re-checking their bookmarked links, hoping in vain for another post to pop up.  (Incidentally, I am pretty sure I have an inflated view of my own blogging significance.)

That being said, once I accept the responsibility of the blogging, I am just so grateful for how the intention to record our experiences makes me so much more attentive to the gifts and graces of each day.  There are so many fleeting moments of laughter or enjoyment or beauty that might otherwise fly by unnoticed.  But thinking of the blog makes me "stop and smell the roses".  And offer a prayer of thanksgiving.

No shortage of such moments today.  Like the boys' early morning pajama-clad escapade to the swingset...

Or Ed feeding an apple to Trigger, one of the horses that live over the beach, and who regularly stick their friendly, curious noses in through the front door to say hello...

Or Gary's delight in holding a chain saw on his lap (eat your heart out, Brian Dipersio!)...

Or walking on the beach, throwing rocks into the water, collecting shells, and just looking out to sea.

Of course, there are also moments when maybe "grace" and "beauty" are not the words that jump immediately to mind.  Not to say we shouldn't also be grateful.  There were some of those moments today, too.  Jacob, for example, felt it necessary to examine the contents of the bank that Grandma and Granda keep for Maggie.  Perhaps to count the change, perhaps just to marvel at the sheer quantity of coins within (now without).

And Dory's curiosity brought her to examine in very close detail a moose jaw, which Granda thought was safely stowed in the shed.  Better that than the pile of rotting something-or-other that she rolled in out behind Jospehine's, necessitating not one but two baths out in the lane before being allowed back into the house.

Ah, so much more that could be said and shown.  But it seems fitting to finish today's post with some footage of the uber-fabulous Kate.  She made her grand entrance at supper time today, announcing as she walked through he door "It's me, the silver medalist!".  Which, of course, she is.

 She brought gifts for the kids - Maggie and "those other two shaggers".  She sported some seriously patriotic nails.

And she saved the best of herself - the best smiles, the best giggles, the best snuggles, and the best gifts, for the apple of her eye.  Ah, two lovebirds.


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