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Monday, August 02, 2010

Sunday, August 1st, 2010 - Large and in charge!

Cornelius made it home safe and sound.  My sense is that, if given the opportunity, Rob might be able to share some great stories about their evening.  But a picture is worth a thousand words.
We had Mass with a priest from Virginia today.  We learned a mnemonic device for the seven deadly sins, were reminded that the children are our future, and told that to comfort a dying person, ask them to request two unspecified favours from the Lord.  Interesting.

Dinner was, as always, spectacular.  So much so that we all needed a digestive nap right afterwards.  Space, unfortunately, was limited. 
Good moods were also in short supply, so we split up for the afternoon to get some rest and, more importantly, some personal time.
David, God love him, came over and sat outside (in the rain) with the boys so Silas and I could get a nap.  That is friendship.

The Sunday evening tradition is a feed from the Jigger.  This week we kicked it up a notch and decided to actually go up the Jigger, eat in, play pool, and listen to Brian Finn.  A much more authentic Newfoundland cultural experience than any silly codfish kissing.  What a great night!  Gary, Silas, and David did the pool playing, Kate, Jonathan, Ed, and I did the dancing, and we all helped with the eating.  There were some great moments, not the least of which was Ed's scuff on the dance floor with a wonderful woman from up the hill.  Such a great L'Arche moment.


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