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Monday, August 02, 2010

Friday, July 30th, 2010 - Hand over that apple!

You've gotta love a day when the Weatherman is wrong, particularly when the mistake is an under-prediction of sunshine.  Today was just such a day.  With the sun beating down and the tidal conditions just right, Granda Tom jumped (figuratively, not literally) at the chance to take the boat out around the harbour.  So with the exception of Cornelius and Ed, who were still sleeping at midday (earning Corneilus the moniker "Lazarus" when he finally arose) we all headed out Calvert harbour, covered in sunscreen and holding on to our hats.

It was a short and spectacular ride.  All hands were happy, despite being sprayed with quite a bit of chilly salt water.
Granda Tom was generous in sharing the Captain's chair.  Consequently, we did quite a few "doughnuts" on the way in.
Not too far from the government wharf, a strong gust of wind blew the hat right off Gary's head, a hat we had established earlier in the week actually belonged to Trevor.  Gary found the whole incident hilarious.
Silas tried to sit in for the owner.
Once everyone had managed to drag themselves out of bed, we headed down to Ferryland for a now world-famous Lighthouse Picnic.  Every year there is some moment to remember from our Picnic.  This year we came home with two stories.  First, a touching one - thanks to David's keen eye, we witnessed a real, honest-to-God, down-on-one-knee, wedding proposal.  (She said "yes"!).  And a funny story, too - those teenage girls working at The Lighthouse were pretty hot to trot for our friend Cornelius!  When you are friends with the owner, you get all the details on the kitchen conversation, and today all the conversation was breathless and giggly for Cornelius.  Sweet.

On the way home from the Lighthouse, we made a quick stop at the graveyard.  Ed tried to get to heaven.  No luck.


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