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Monday, August 02, 2010

Saturday, July 31st , 2010 - Better get some more flypaper...

Even though we all know that "around the bay" is where it's at, that doesn't mean we have to ignore "town" altogether.  So today we made a trip into the city, and packed plenty of sights and sounds into our day.  The first stop was Signal Hill to see the Tattoo, an "internationally known award winning historical animation program....portraying the garrison life and duties of His Majesty's Royal Newfoundland Regiment...who endured the harsh conditions of the Newfoundland Station in the late 1790's".  In other words, soldiers.
In addition to the orders yelled from the actors on the field, the occasional "FIRE ONE!" and "OPEN FIRE!" could be heard from the audience as well.
We had Indian food for lunch, and much nose running ensued.  During lunch we opened Maggie's birthday package from Uncle John, and then modeled our various Albanian souvenirs.
We spent a few hours at The Rooms, where we not only took in the exhibits, but also met up with our old friend, Greg Squires.  Nice.  Then back to Rob and Julie's for a rest and some supper before heading downtown for the George Street Festival.  Rex Goudie was sexy alright, but the real stars of the evening were Buddy Wasisname and Other Fellers.  Singing along to "Saltwater Joys", we all felt so proud to be Newfoundlanders, even those of us who aren't.
At the end of the night, while most of us were just hoping to be able to keep our eyes open long enough for the drive home, Cornelius reminded us that for some people, 11:30pm on a Saturday night is actually pretty early.  Ah, the folly of youth.  So we left him behind to seek out Uncle Rob and a good time, feeling only slightly nervous that we might never see him again...


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