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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Monday, July 28, 2009 - No Pain, No Gain

Our first St. John's excursion! We squeezed all three kids into the back of the Camry (thank God for a big car!) and Mom and Grandma in the front and rolled off to the big city for visiting, swimming, and shopping. We packed a tremendous amount into the day, and all the while the kids were absolute angels.

Aunt Bridie's was our first spot. The boys spent most of the time there in her closet, although they did break long enough to give her some kisses. This was a popular move.

Then it was off to see Sr. Patrice at the convent. We arrived in time to bang out a few "tunes" on the piano in the lobby before heading upstairs to the Chapel for Mass. Although they wouldn't admit it, I think the nuns were a little nervous about us joining them for services. After all, the boys have not proven themselves to be calm and well-behaved within the walls of the Presentation Convent. Little did they know of the boys love for Mass! They were just perfect, and after Mass was over they continued to pull out the perfect tricks to impress a crowd of Religious. First, Josh ran up on the altar and into the vestry where the priest was tidying up, pointed at the priest, and exclaimed "God!". Then he came back to the altar and crouched in front of the diorama of the Last Supper. He pointed right to the main character and named him "Jesus!" (Of course, then he pointed to the bread in the hands of the disciples and pronounced it "Ice Cream!"

In the meantime, Jacob was at the back of the Chapel sticking his hand in the Holy Water font. Various nuns reached frantically forward to stop him from his impending sacrilege when he surprised them by drawing back his wet hand and bringing it to his forehead "Father, Son, Spirit, Amen," he said reverently as he moved his hand around his torso.

The day continued on with MacDonald's Playland (boys agreed to leave without crying!!), swimming at the Aquarena (first time in the big pool), coffee with Grandma's friend Marilyn (who needed a rest after just watching us), an unsuccessful trip to the library (closed), groceries in Mount Pearl (Grandma injured by large bag of flour), pizza at Uncle Ernie's (Missy enjoyed Maggie's garlic fingers), then up the shore to bed. All in.


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