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Thursday, July 30, 2009

Thursday, July 30, 2009 - A Three Hour Tour

The day dawned in pea soup fog and light drizzle, but we were not deterred from our plans to head out on Conception Bay in the William B II. And it was a lucky thing. By the time we got to the yacht club in Manuels, the sun was splittin' the rocks and we were peeling off layers of clothes to soak up the rays. We headed out the bay towards Brigus (home of polar explorer Captain Bob Bartlett, or Captain Bob Barker, as Ed preferred) a crew of 17. The five Power-Donhams, five vacationing Capers, Tom & Ellie, Captain Joe, and four Germans we found along the way. Oh yes, and one dog. As we motored past Bell Island, Jonathan was sitting at the helm on top of the boat. He was heard to gleefully remark, "Newfoundland!! It's better than Canada!"

The whole trip was spectacular - the time on the ocean, but also the time ashore in Brigus, where we explored the caves, shorelines, and outport luxury condominiums. On the way home, Jonathan stayed close to the Captain (Joe) and First Mate (Tom). He was loving every minute of it. Enjoy some images of our amazing ocean voyage....

We made it home to Calvert, sunburned and happy. We unwound at the end of the day with a cold one...

a little emailing...

and a nap in the rocking chair.

Gotta love vacation.


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