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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Tuesday, July 28, 2009 - Bounce

A bit of a hectic day today, everyone off in different directions. Silas had the best chore - heading off to Argentia to pick up the vacationing Cape Bretoners. All six of our travelers seemed to have had a good trip, perhaps the only people to emerge from a Marine Atlantic excursion looking rested and relaxed. Apparently, they managed to reach the top of the cabin waiting list, so they had a cozy "home away from home" for the voyage over. Although I wasn't there to witness it, the pictures do make it all look pretty exciting.

(While Silas was fetching friends, I was getting my hair done. Pics to follow tomorrow when I have a chance to style it myself.)

Soon the L'Archies were all settled in at their home away from home Over The Beach.

We joined them for a pasta supper. The food was tasty and the company exceptional, but still the boys considered the dryer the main event. Josh on the outside, Jacob on the inside.


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