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Monday, August 03, 2009

Sunday, August 2, 2009 - Can I Get You Anything, Joan?

The Sunday routine is pretty hard to beat, especially on a Sunday like today, when the sun was shining and friends and family were all around. Mass was for Clarence and Annie this morning, an opportunity to remember two lives well-lived. Then home for a big dinner.

After dinner, hot and sweaty and bloated, we suited up in our bikinis/trunks to go to Slaughters Pond for swim. But first, a little swinging.

Slaughters Pond was great, although the walk in was terribly muddy. After we'd had our swim, Max posed for a toothpaste commercial.

After swimming we came home to warm up, and Josh cast a spell on us all, posing as "The Evil Warlock of Subaru".

Uncle John and Ken went for a spin out the harbour and, after much jigging, caught themselves a wee little codfish.

And then we ate chips and gravy from the Jigger before closing out the day with a stressful game of Dutch Blitz.

Ed pulled out his signature shades at various times throughout the day, looking sharp and, eventually, inspiring a protege.


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