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Saturday, August 01, 2009

Saturday, August 1, 2009 - Do You Mind If I Tap Your Toe?

Thankfully, the weatherman was wrong today, too, so despite the doom and gloom forecast of rain, we actually had a lovely day for a hike. We chose the LaManche Village hike out to the swinging bridge, a relatively simple walk that we figured everyone could manage. We brought in some supplies for lunch, and we were all happy to sit and enjoy the view and the meal after the sweaty walk in.

Some of us got a little too into the "relaxing".

After lunch, with a new burst of energy, we went a little further to the bridge and to enjoy the view.

We were a mighty fine-looking group.

The way out somehow seemed quite a bit longer, both as a result of our tired muscles, a slightly uphill grade, and the unfortunate beginning of the predicted rainfall. Ed exclaimed about one quarter of the way back, "Hey! I can see the van!" Ah, if only wishing made it so.

We took a few detours on the drive back, to see some of the breathtaking views along the shore. In Brigus South, though, the ducks were the main attraction! Jen cuddled one of the babies, and though at first we all "oohed" and "aahed", we quickly changed our tune when the large, aggressive, and apparently quite protective "mother goose" began to hiss at us. Scary stuff.

In Admiral's Cove the fog was literally rolling in as we drove down the steep hills into the downtown core. It was a view that could not be captured on camera, although we tried.

We finished off the first part of the day with a coffee and some partridgeberry crumble at the Ferryland Cafe. Tasty.

After a little downtime, the grown-ups were off again, this time to the Squid Jigger Lounge, Calvert hotspot. We drank beer, ate fish, and played pool. Joan proved herself to be quite a shark, playing Jen, Silas, and a couple of times, herself. When she ran out time at the pool table, she moved on to the VLTs, spending her last quarters hoping to hit the jackpot. She did win ten cents, but then foolishly bet it all again, running down a dream. As we walked out of the Jigger, Max was overheard to note that "It was the first time I had some fun in a bar." They should put that on their pamphlet...

And it seems that, again today, there is a snap of Ed in his uber-cool glasses. This picture must be shared.


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