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Saturday, August 07, 2010

Thursday, August 5th, 2010 - Finger lickin' good!

The day dawned wet and rainy, but by lunchtime it had cleared enough for some of the men to pile in the boat for another trip out the harbour.  Granda Tom was the tour guide (no tipping, please) and everyone else just sat back and enjoyed the ride.  Natalie and Maggie stayed home on The Point making chocolate chip cookies.  They promised a cookie to anyone who brought back a codfish.  When the crew returned sans fish, the girls just didn't have the heart to deny them cookies.  Especially since they did bring back spectacular stories - and pictures! - of jumping dolphins.
 Luckily, Granda Tom has been to Taylor's the night before and bought a supply of delicacies - cod tongues and fillets.  Mmmmm....  So Grandma cooked a feast of fish.  In Silas' opinion, the best fish ever served in his tenure on The Point.  The only complaint? Well, the woman just slaved away in the kitchen preparing the meal, never taking a break of pausing to wipe their collective brow.  The men?  Well, they were otherwise occupied.
After supper, Silas served as the tour guide (tips gratefully accepted) for a walk out to Stone Island.  The hardy ones went with him and got their feet muddy, but came home happy nonetheless.  David was crowed King of the North Side.
But the best part of the day for me was a few hours with Ed on the Point while the others were out on the deep blue sea.  He gave quite a concert - "Comin' up next?  John Denver....Country Roads!"  On one of the songs, her kept repeating one line over and over again, with a little garbled bit in the middle.  This happened a couple of times, then he announced, "Oh no, record scratched!".  Perfect.  A few songs later, when he was really on a roll, he was relieved, "Workin' good now, Power, better not scratch it!"   And then later int he day, I wanted to get a nice smiley picture, but he wasn't really in the mood.  So we started talking about underwear - first Maggie's, then mine, then Ed's.  The following series of pictures illustrates how the conversation went.


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