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Sunday, July 08, 2007

Sunday, July 8th, 2007 - Traveling mercies

Time for truth-telling. There are days that make me wonder why I decided to have kids. And then there are days that make me wonder how I ever lived a day without them. Today was, thankfully, one of the latter! Nothing momentous or miraculous happened, it was just a day filled with little moments - laughs, accidents, songs, hugs, good moods - that that all came together to somehow open me up to gratitude and love. I am so thankful for these weeks of vacation that are enabling me to slow down enough to notice these moments. I think that, a month ago, I might have let a day like this go by only having eyes for the frustrating parts (of which every day has many). Or I would have been so preoccupied with my list and agenda for the next day that my kids would have been playing second fiddle.

Just a few funny moments to document in pictures. First, the boys discovered the toys had been left out on the deck during the rain, and thus had various compartments filled with water. Woohoo!

Then at supper Grandma got the boys "eating" toast. (Truth telling #2 - they were mostly licking off the jam, then later playing with biting the toast and making faces for laughs!). But what a great laugh we had!

And later, while Maggie and Emily were having snail races - no betting, strictly for entertainment - the boys had a little competition of their own.

Jacob won.


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