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Sunday, August 08, 2010

Saturday, August 7th, 2010 - God D*mn thing!

How many birthday parties is too many birthday parties?  Today was number three to celebrate Maggie's 8th.  But luckily there was plenty of enthusiasm left for celebrating, even if today was the last vacation day for our Cape Breton friends.  And nothing says celebration like horseback riding!  At this birthday party, rides on Trigger (Jigger?) were the mane attraction.  There was some initial nervousness from just about everyone (except Gary!) but all hands climbed on eventually for a stroll around the lane.  Even Nolan, at first terrified to tears, was convinced to give it a try.  "Yeeehaaaa!!", he could be heard yelling once he got in the swing of things.
Then back to The Point for more partying, with swings and water balloons and the ever popular chocolate fountain.  This year we had a chocolate eruption!
Ed enjoyed the swing set, which we all found charming and funny.  But then he (and we) discovered he was not just lounging because it was such a comfortable spot.  in fact, he was stuck!  This we found even more charming and way funnier! 
And then the cleanup was done and the clothes packed and it was time to hit the road.  With Silas as chauffeur, the Capers piled in the van for the trek to Argentia then on home across the Gulf.   Ah, the memories...


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