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Saturday, July 28, 2007

Thursday, July 26th, 2007 - Revealed, your opinion is

Today was a much-anticipated day, the day that David Shumaker and Ed Johnson arrived! We spent time yesterday getting ready. Maggie was especially concerned that the guys be welcomed well. She wanted to cut fresh flowers to put in the trailer where they will be staying.

We did lots of laundry so there would be clean towels and sheets...

And one or two other things as well.

And the guys did arrive safely, but they were more than a little bit tired after a long day on the ferry and then a late night drive to Calvert, on the look-out for moose. We tried to help them get some rest.

When a person is tired, nerves can wear thin quickly. Ed found the boys' yelling and revelry a bit more than he could handle by times. Whereas as some of us might have tried to quiet them by providing a diversion or removing them from the scene, Ed chose a more unorthodox approach. "Josh", he sternly warned, "I've got a ray gun!"

But Ed was much more Zen at the end of the day when Grandma and I got home from yoga in Admiral's Cove. Ed thought he might try a few poses. We suggested the pigeon or the warrior, but he preferred to stay with a pose of his own design, the "Dead Man's Pose".


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