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Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Wednesday, July 18th, 2007 - Four strong winds

Today was simply too lovely to stay indoors, so we all piled in the van (and the truck) with blanket, chair, and lunch and headed for Lamanche Park. Some of us swam, some of us splashed, and some of us watched from the shore. A lovely time.

The evening, though, was the much-anticipated time of the day. Maggie and I left to go to the airport to pick up Dad! Maggie was very much in the excitement of welcome. She insisted on a "Welcome Home" balloon, and has planned a "Welcome Home" party for tomorrow morning (don't tell Silas!). So we waited at the arrivals area of the St. John's Airport, a mom and a young daughter, with a balloon welcoming Dad home. Turns out there was a flight from Fort MacMurray arriving just three minutes before Silas's flight from Halifax. We really blended into that crowd! Somehow I felt dishonest...

One proud moment for a Newfoundland mom...on the way to town Maggie had some pretzels in a bowl to snack on. As the pile diminished, she exclaimed, "Wow, Mom, I'm after eatin' a lot of pretzels!" Her first Newfoundland dialect!!!


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