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Thursday, July 12, 2007

Tuesday, July 10th, 2007 - Roll it over the ocean

The last couple of days were full of adventure, in no small part due to the warm, sunny weather that drew us out of the house, and in fine form.

But for sure the story of these few days has been CAPELIN! The capelin were rolling on the beach in Calvert yesterday and today. And with the capelin came not only nostalgia for days gone by, but also whales. The harbour was full of them - according to Lloyd Sullivan, resident fisheries expert, more than have ever been seen in Calvert.

Maggie, Grandma and Natalie spent Monday evening at the beach, and then today we all (even Nan!) went to watch the capelin on the waves. Maggie and the boys did their best to save the live ones foundering on the beach by tossing them back in the water. A valiant effort.

We also traveled down to Stone Island, the point where Joseph Sullivan first settled in Calvert after crossing the Atlantic from Ireland, to see the whales blowing. Nan stayed in the van ("I'm the best kind here") while Grandma and Maggie hiked out to the water's edge. The boys discovered a mud puddle about three feet from the van that was absolutely fascinating and they would not be deterred from frolicking in it.


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